Stainless Steel - PURE INOX in Thessaloniki

Pure inox is specialized in engineering and complete construction of special architectural and industrial stainless steel projects.

The engineering approach,the special know-how technic and the valuable work expierence at the most demanding construction projects (commercial centers, hotels, hospitals)
in Greece and abroad and smaller as well (villas, shop renovation) are factors that contribute to complete project delivery and the ability to manufacture unique high quality longlife products.
Pure inox located in Thessaloniki Greece is synonym of elegant special stainless steel construction which resists in corrosion and challenges design limits.

Pure inox choice
• Pleasant working environment with academic and teamworking sets.
• Selected commercial distributors amd partners give an additive value to the end product

• New design methods are easily adopted to our work where analytical method is our key to quality assurance

• Customers support concerns analytical up to date info and presentation of the project as well as sincere and direct services.

• Pure inox is a pioneer delivering projects with quality standards considering careful material selection, ideal design and finishing of the end product.
Stainless Steel - PURE INOX
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